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Chai Talay Children

Acknowledging the inner child in us all, Chai Talay Villas have created a haven for children throughout.  Offering a fully equipped lifestyle villa, we furnish parents with high chairs, monitors, motion lights, a car seat, children’s linen with special anti-roll foam, play pens, pool toys and life jackets.  All are thoughtfully appointed for that utter ‘home away from home’ feel.  The ranges of childrens games and activities are listed in LINK

Baan Kilee boasts a children’s playground with heat resistant climbing frames, swings, an all-weather table tennis table and a kids pool.  The generously sized playroom tops off this well thought out Kids Zone, with floor-to-ceiling shelves containing baskets full of toys, activities and games, a children's library and endless opportunities for holiday fun!

Safety for Kids at the Chai Talay Villas

Childrens bedroom suites and all the play zones are located on one level so as to minimise use of stairs throughout.  Some rooms have sleeping accomodation for children incorporated within for parents who prefer the children to be close by.  All houses also offer adjoining suites for kids and parents.

Security guards are present at night though keep a very low profile.

Being located on the beach, there is of course an unfenced ocean, the pools and pond are unfenced too.  Baan Kilee provides ‘Safe T’ “turtle” pool and water alarms (to be worn on children’s wrists); these are available on request. There are also lifejackets, although for very young children we recommend bringing your own approved version.

The main pools and surrounding terrace are ideally oriented for adults to relax, drink and eat whilst keeping an eye on the children.  The lawn sunbeds and massage decks are strategically located so as to allow parents to supervise whilst relaxing.  Baan Kilee and Baan Puri pools have multi levels, offering the ability for young children to stand.  The main pool at Baan Kilee has a toddler pool contained within, just a few inches deep and in full view of the kitchen and outdoor seating areas.