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Movies and Entertainment

Although many parents prefer to keep the kids away from screens during the day, it is ideal to have the option for entertainment on tap, particularly as the adults may chose to dine in peace in the evenings.

All houses offer in room TV as well as separate air- conditioned spaces for watching movies or for those unmissable matches, for viewing the wedding photos of the day before or simply making the corporate PowerPoint presentation on a big screen.

The Cinema Room that seats 30, in Baan Kilee is a significant feature of the property with banks of movies to chose from and surround sound and the key international TV Channels. Baan Puri offers the same function in the main dining room, which transforms to a movie room at night.

For those romantic evenings, or fun for the kids, the Baan Kilee staff can arrange for Movies Under the Stars with popcorn and appropriate libations.

For corporates, these rooms transform into meeting rooms from where Skype Calls are possible and all projection needs can be met.

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