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Dining Style

The Chai Talay villas offer many different dining locations with each house boasting a formal dining room with outdoor terraces for indoor outdoor dining as well as pool side SALA’s. Our guests often prefer alfresco dining and they may chose from beachfront dining to in kitchen dining, alternatively they might chose a spot under the coconut trees on the many lawns around the properties, whilst the children enjoy a picnic on the grass.

If staying in Baan Kilee you might like also like to lunch at the Swim up Bar or on the floating deck adjacent to the beach, either formally or informally.

The staff are always happy to set up for the adults and children separately and in different locations and will assist in providing oversight of the children whilst eating.

Sumptuous seafood BBQ’s are another popular features of Chai Talay Villas, normally taking place on the sea facing lawns and although we don’t advertise room service, it is possible if the group is not too large and most certainly for those special occasions.

The flexibility of space ensures for a varied dining experience for your stay however long with plenty of space for your “outside” guests to join if arranged in advance.

See “Villas” section for more details of the specific houses and click here for photo gallery.