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BLE requires a minimum of 3 nights stay for wedding and events (except for Peak and Christmas/New Year Season)

BOC and BPI requires a minimum of 3 nights stay (except for Christmas/New Year Season)

*All rates are in USD + 10% + 7%

Minimum Stays

What's Included


Health & Safety

Chai Talay Estate are taking additional specific precautions in line with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations to guarantee a safe stay to guests and a healthy work environment for all staff at the property:

  • Chai Talay Estate operate to 5 star standards, and have now extended and adapted our usual practices in line with WHO guidelines, supplemented with the best practices observed in countries that have excelled in COVID prevention. 

  • Such measures include provision and use of masks and sanitizer for staff and guests and the extra precaution of wearing gloves for food preparation and daily temperature checks and more frequent, specialized deep clean methods. 

  • Social distancing: Our staff now observe social distancing rules and will discuss the service style and delivery that most suits our guests to ensure safety. 

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